The All Field Series is the ideal solution for professional caliber outdoor sports lighting with features designed with municipal, high school, collegiate and semi-professional outdoor sports venues in mind. Offering versatility for any outdoor sport including football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse and field hockey, the All Field light delivers maintenance-free, professional sports lighting with a great return on investment.

Features at a glance:

  • Custom-engineered optics direct light precisely where needed while minimizing glare.
  • Multiple control options available for operational flexibility and fan experience effects.
  • Rugged, weather-tight design ensures durability even in harsh environments.
  • Versatile mounting bracket is designed for ease of installation in new or retrofit situations.
  • Telemetry to monitor health and status of each light is enabled through optional control capabilities.
  • Ultra-low EMI noise generation eliminates interference with surrounding electrical systems.
  • Solid-state design means no moving parts and nothing to wear out or replace, providing maintenance-free operation for hundreds of thousands of hours.