CR-1000W DE Controller Ready Fixture with HORTILUX

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The Humboldt Lighting CR-1000W controller ready fixtures are the future of the professional, commercial grow light industry. Every fixture now comes with a HORTILUX DE HPS bulb. We only use the best quality and highest-output components on the market.

HL’s CR-1000W fixtures are capable of being controlled via data cables on a 0-10v Intelligent Lighting Controller.

Your garden just got BRIGHTER! Now you can have complete control of your lighting environment. The CR-1000W fixture is the most intelligent and sophisticated grow light the industry has to offer. In high sun greenhouse situations using mixed lighting, industry standards call for a footprint coverage of approximately 10′ x 10′. In an indoor gardening situation, industry standard calls for approximately a 5’ x 5’ footprint.


•Removable ballast
•Zero height restriction
•No assembly required
•Completely silent and lightweight
•Industry leading Generator Ready smart voltage response technology
•600/630/750/825/1000/1150/EXT Dimming functions
•Industry leading PAR output (2100 μmol)
•Industry leading Compact design makes integration with indoor or greenhouse applications easy
•3 Year warranty on fixtures
•1 Year warranty on bulbs
•Smart Dim Technology gradually changes the output when switching wattages, eliminating bulb stress
•Equipped with very high frequency electronics (>100 kHz)
•HORTILUX HPS 1000W DE bulb included
•Best quality, highest output and best reliability on the market
•Compatible with Humboldt Lighting Intelligent Controller
•Industry leading True Plug and Play set-up
•LED status indicator
•End of lamp life alert
•Auto-restrike feature
•Suitable for use in damp locations
•Industry leading Internal RF shielding



Input Voltage: 120-240V (± 10%)

Input Voltage 120 V:

Input Current 1: 9.25A (at 100%) 10.6A (at 115%)

Input Power 1:1085W (at 100%) 1240W (at 115%)

Input Voltage 240 V:

Input Current 2: 4.6A (at 100%) 5.3A (at 115%)

Input Power 2:1055W (at 100%) 1210W (at 115%)

THD: < 10%

Input Frequency: 50-60Hz

Adjustable Wattage: 600/630/750/825/1000/1150/EXT

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 8 in