220W 16” LED High Bay Black 120-277V GCL 5000K 0-10V DIM

$499.99 $363.50



The IP66 LED High Bay makes it easy to light the way in high-ceiling environments. Enjoy energy savings and maintenance-free operation for up to 100,000 hours by replacing old HID or fluorescent systems with our new compact LED High Bay. Our product can be used indoors and outdoors for direct/indirect lighting or wall washing.

Your installers will like it as well. Our 125W product weighs 16 lb., and our 185 and 220W products weigh just 18 lb. All products are only 15.75” diameter and 5.19” tall, making them easy to install. When paired with our large yoke bracket and other accessories, the fixtures can be easily adopted for a range of applications.