150W LED Gas Station Canopy Light

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Category: SKU: ZY-SCP-150W



• Suitable for Ceiling Mount.
• Ideal for Harsh Environment Applications.
• 130 lumens per watt help to reduce energy saving.
• Excellent light distribution and uniformity.
• Stainless Steel Clips.
• 50,000 hours working time.
• Optional 100% DR lens additive for impact resistance.
• Ideal for high moisture areas subject to the possibility of abuse.
• Built-in Constant Current LED Driver with High Efficient LED Module.
• Specialized on the rebate program in CA.



Basic Feature:
Model No: ZY-SCP-150W
Lighting Efficiency: More than 130 lumens/Watt
Power Factory: More than 0.98
5 years warranty
Input Voltage: AC100-277V or AC100-347V

-Easy and secure installation
-Ideal for Harsh Environment Applications
-Uniformity lighting distribution
-High lumens efficiency and high CRI
-Environmentally friendly with no mercury