Performance Data

Initial Lumens At Rated Watts (After 100 hours of operation): 160,000 Lm

Rated Average Life: 10,000 Hours

Warm-up Time: 7 Minutes

Correlated Color Temperature: 2,100 Kelvin

CIE Chromacity: 0.52, 0.42 – x, y

Color Rendering Index: 25

Operating Position: (HOR)

PAR Value (380-780nm): 2,050 umol/s

Physical Description

Maximum Overall Length: 394* mm

Maximum Bulb Diameter: 33.5 mm

Base to Bulb Eccentricity (Max): 3 degrees

Maximum Bulb Temperature: 400 C

Bulb Designation: T32.5

Bulb Material: Quartz Glass

Arc Tube Material: PCA

Bulb Finish: Clear

*The length includes lead wire (270mm without lead wire)

Electrical Characteristics

Nominal Lamp Wattage: 1000W

Nominal Lamp Voltage: 250V

Nominal Lamp Current: 4A